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Rabbit Ears - Furry

Rabbit Ears - Furry


Our Rabbit Ears - Furry are the perfect natural treat for your pup! These all-natural treats are made with 100% natural rabbit proteins and contain a natural wormer to keep your pup healthy. They are a great source of protein and will provide your pup with a delicious, nutritious snack they can enjoy. Perfect for a pup with a sensitive stomach, these treats are sure to become your pup's favorite.


(Price per 100gms)


Approx: 6-8 ears per 100gms.

Irregular shape.


100% Rabbit Ears with fur


Furry rabbit ears, a irresistible dog treat chew.


Each rabbit ear measures approx 7 inches long. Rabbit ears are believed to be beneficial when used as part of a natural deworming protocol. It is anecdotally believed that the fur brushes through the intestines and dislodges worms and eggs in the digestive system.


The fibre in the rabbit ears is a great bulking up poop and helping to express the anal glands. A absorption of food nutrients via the cell walls.


Please supervise your pet with any new treat or toy, and provide fresh drinking water.



Great treat, which has the added benefit of assisting in the removal of worms & eggs in dogs, naturally. (per 100g)




Protein: 59.7%, Fat: 24.7%, Ash: 3.11%, Moisture: 10.5%, Fibre: 0.7%

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