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Pure Antler Powder (Supplement) 500ml

Pure Antler Powder (Supplement) 500ml


This natural supplement is made from 100% pure Highland Antler Powder, providing essential minerals and nutrients to keep your pup healthy and strong. Rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and other minerals, this 500ml bottle of antler powder is a great way to give your pup the vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy and happy life. It's a natural supplement that's gentle on your pup's digestive system and easy to add to their diet. Give your pup the best with this natural Pure Antler Powder supplement


This natural Highland Antler Powder Supplement is the perfect addition to your pup's diet. Packed with essential minerals and vitamins, this 500ml supplement powder helps to support your dog's joint health, muscle strength, and overall wellbeing. It is made from 100% pure antlers and is free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. Give your furry friend the best natural care with this nutritious and delicious Highland Antler Powder Supplement.



100% pure Highland Deer Antler Powder contains high volumes of natural minerals & nutrients that aid circulation & metabolism.

These natural minerals promote healthy bones, muscles & joints.

High in protein, contains phosphorus for healthy kidneys, high in magnesium for energy and contains Iron for healthy blood.

It can also help prevent inflammation from arthritis, aids the immune system and reduces cholesterol.


Ideal as a sprinkle across a main meal.

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.


No additives or preservatives. Large 500Ml

When feeding chews & treats always supervise your dog & provide access to a fresh bowl of water.



Size – 500ml


Product specification:




100% Natural Deer antler powder




Crude protein 39.6%

Crude oils and fats 0.4%

Crude ash 49.7%

Moisture 11.8%

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