Edgard Cooper - Run-free Chicken Kibble

Edgard Cooper - Run-free Chicken Kibble

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PACKED WITH LOTS OF FRESH MEAT filled with quality and tasty protein (no meat meal, no overprocessed or dried meat), Non-GMO -

We cook ingredients with care to preserve their flavour and natural nutrients.

Suitable for adult neutered or unneutered dogs of all breeds and sizes. With a GRAIN FREE and GLUTEN FREE range, our dry food is perfect for sensitive stomachs, and contains PRE-BIOTICS for a healthy gut.


This recipe is rich in fresh free-run chicken, an incredible source of high quality PROTEINS that supports a good immune system and STRONG BONES & MUSCLES.

In this recipe MANGO, BLUEBERRY, STRAWBERRY, CARROT and APPLE provide FIBER, VITAMINS A, B6, C, E, K, essential ANTIOXIDANTS, POTASSIUM and beta-carotene.

A HEALTHY WELL BALANCED COMPOSITION : Our simple, healthy recipes are developed by experts to provide optimal nutrition from natural ingredients.

For a healthy, complete and balanced diet, our tasty recipes include a tasty mix of fresh meat & nutritious offal, plus fibre-rich fruits & vegetables.

Our naturally, tasty recipes are packed with lots of fresh meat and healthy ingredients, cooked with care to preserve taste and nutrients.

From our paper-based packaging, to our commitment to achieve Zero Carbon by 2025, we're on a mission to be the world's most sustainable pet brand.

Edgardcooper donate 1% of our sales to our INDEPENDENT FOUNDATION to end the suffering of dogs and cats worldwide.

OUR ADVICE : 01 TRANSITION TO NATURAL FOOD : Over 4 days, gradually increase the amount of Edgard & Cooper food in his bowl, while decreasing the amount of regular food -

02 WATER : Make sure fresh water is available at all times, especially at meal times -

03 STORAGE : Close their kibble bag tightly and store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Once opened, it will stay fresh for three months.