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Dried Duck Necks

Dried Duck Necks


These Dried Duck Necks are a natural and delicious chew treat for your pup! They are packed with flavor and nutrition, making them a perfect natural treat for your pup. They are high-protein and low-fat, making them a healthy and safe chew for puppies and adult dogs alike. Plus, they are easy to digest, so your pup can enjoy them without any digestive issues. With these Dried Duck Necks, you can give your pup a delicious and natural chew treat that's sure to keep them happy and healthy.


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These large duck necks are a great healthy treat for your furry friend, and a good boredom breaker. All dog treats are healthy and natural products that your dog will love. Suitable for all breeds.


Easy to digest, grain and gluten free.


Even the fussiest of pooches will happily take one of these off your hands!

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