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Big Chomper Box with Fur

Big Chomper Box with Fur


This Large Breed Natural Treats Chomper Box is the perfect way to give your large breed dog a tasty and healthy treat. The box is filled with natural treats, providing natural wormer for dogs, and is specially designed for large breed canines. These treats are made with natural ingredients and are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Your four-legged friend will love these delicious treats and you can feel good knowing that youโ€™re giving them something healthy and natural.


Our Big Chomper Box with Fur is the perfect natural treat selection for your medium or large breed pup! Filled with natural wormer treats, this heavy chopper selection will help keep your pup's teeth clean and strong. With natural ingredients and no preservatives, you can rest assured your pup is getting the best quality treats. Order your Big Chomper Box with Fur today for a healthy, happy pup..


100% Natural Dehydrated Chews

These are the larger chews and include furry Rabbit ears and a Furry Cow ear, plus dehydrated Beef, Buffalo & Rabbit items..


The fur acts as a natural dewormer and helps aid digestion.. ๐Ÿชฑ๐Ÿชฑ


(This is a Chicken-Free box, so suitable for those with Grain or Rabbit intolerances)


Contents: includes 100% Natural dehydrated proteins..


1x Large Buffalo wrapped trachea,

1x large Beef trachea,

2x large Beef Puff jerky,

2x large Beef Tripe,

2x Furry Rabbit ears,

2x Furry Rabbit Feet,

1x Furry Cow ear,

1x Buffalo ear,

4x Beef Paddywack,

2x Beef Testie slices,

2x Beef flat gullet jerky.



(Occasionally we have to substitute a like for like, and we try to send as near to items as possible)

  • Furry Rabbit feet contain bones..

    Supervise your pet and provide fresh drinking water at all times

  • Feed guide

    We recommend you supervise your dog at all times when feeding a treat and ensure fresh water is readily available.

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