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Beef Testie slices

Beef Testie slices


(Price per 100gms)

100% Beef Testies


Rich in flavour and a crunchy texture thats keeps them chewing for a while.

Low in Fat, & High in Protein

Beef Testicles - per 100gms

High in protein and low in fat, these Beef testicle dried dog treats are perfect for cutting up for training or as a reward.

Don’t let the origins of these natural dog treats put you off, dogs will do anything for these tasty morsels making them perfect for a healthy reward that’s free from any nasties.

Please Note: We recommend you supervise your dog at all times when feeding a treat and ensure fresh water is available

As these are a natural product, size and colour may vary


Beef 100%


Protein: 70.5%.

Fat: 17.8%.

Ash: 6%.

Moisture: 5.7%.

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